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"Rework: A New Yorker Zine"
series of 50 collages reworking one year of new yorkers
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zine pages on chronic illness
featured on CreakyJoints #ChronicCreativity
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hypertext collaboration on creative partnerships with Alex Hanesworth on
New Normal
Fictional standardized test questions created as part of Bitter Melon Poetry's Stay at Home Diary
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the GooD School
collaborative Sunday school creative and scholarly sessions co-founded with Ahana Ganguly
"weather vain"
 song lyrics in collaboration with evelyn landow's "tinkering" album
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hand me down
zine on adoption, motherhood, and queerness
text in ILDA: South Korean Feminist Journal
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It's a Match! A Queer Tinder Zine
self-published compilation of interviews with queer folks on dating and the internet
Who Gotcha?
Essay on adoption language for International Mother Language Day.
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