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the GooD School
collaborative Sunday school creative and scholarly sessions co-founded with Ahana Ganguly
"Rework: A New Yorker Zine"
series of 50 collages reworking one year of new yorkers
"weather vain"
 song lyrics in collaboration with evelyn landow's "tinkering" album
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zine pages on chronic illness
featured on CreakyJoints #ChronicCreativity
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hand me down
zine on adoption, motherhood, and queerness
text in ILDA: South Korean Feminist Journal
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hypertext collaboration on creative partnerships with Alex Hanesworth on
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It's a Match! A Queer Tinder Zine
self-published compilation of interviews with queer folks on dating and the internet
New Normal
Fictional standardized test questions created as part of Bitter Melon Poetry's Stay at Home Diary
Who Gotcha?
Essay on adoption language for International Mother Language Day.
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